Happy Birthday Grace Hopper

Sarah Bromley, Production Manager
Today's Google doodle alerted me to the fact that it's the 107th birthday of Grace Hopper.

Grace Hopper was a female developer back when it was still truly a man's world, which makes us love her and her contribution to computer science even more. Here are some of her accomplishments:  (Wikipedia for more).

  • In 1947 while working on a Mark II computer system, she and her team found a moth stuck in a relay. This led to Grace coining the phrase "debugging" the system.
  • In 1952 she built what is thought to be the first compiler. "Nobody believed that," she said. "I had a running compiler and nobody would touch it. They told me computers could only do arithmetic."
  • In 1959 she and a team developed the new language COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language)

Below is one of my personal favourite quotes from Grace Hopper. Share it around, and to our lady programmer friends & associates out there: CODE ON!

Happy Birthday Grace Hopper
DEC 9th / 2013
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