Five SEO Tips for Business Owners

Sarah Bromley, Technical Director
Wondering why your website traffic is poor, or why your website isn't coming up in Google? This short list of 5 questions can help you start diagnosing if your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is up to snuff. Don't know what the *bleep* SEO is? Read on! This list is for the non technical! What are you searching for in Google that you aren't coming up for? If you are a florist, what will your customers be searching for to find you? Chances are they might look up "florist shop in Nanaimo" or "flower delivery nanaimo" - if these phrases aren't on your website in key places, you won't rank for them. Starting with a good keyword list is key, then integrate those keywords into your website content. Are your titles filled in correctly? Your page title is what shows up in the tab of your browser (screenshot below), as well as what Google will show as the link to your website in searches (second screenshot below). Make sure this title is filled in correctly, ideally with some of those keywords mentioned above. You should be able to do this in your website editor - if you don't know how, ask your webmaster. Are your descriptions filled in correctly? Similar to your page title, you should
Five SEO Tips for Business Owners
Mar 22 / 2016