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15 Reasons Why Website Content Is So Important

Carrie Brisson, Digital Content Strategist
Your website is more than just for looks. Sure, the cliche is that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but that doesn’t mean that your written content has no value. In fact, the content—or copy—for your website has a pretty heavy workload. It is responsible for: Defining the information architecture and navigation informing the visual design and layout Calling potential clients to action Driving desired traffic, conversions, and leads Boosting search engine rankings  That’s a lot to accomplish! Successful copywriting is thoughtfully crafted and heavily considered, and it is an integral component in any digital marketing strategy. Looking for other ways to optimize your website for search engines? Check out these five SEO tips for business owners, or talk to us about our SEO/SEM services! Your website users are unconsciously forming a distinct impression of your business, even if they’re just skimming the content. So what is your website copy saying about your business?  Tone of voice - Readers are getting a distinct sense of your company from the tone, and judging whether they want to work with you. There’s a ton that your brand voice
15 Reasons Why Website Content Is So Important
MAR 22 / 2017