Andrew Powell

Support Specialist + Developer

"Is there a GIF for that?"

What gets you excited about your job?

Meeting new people is always one of the highlights of the job for me. It’s also really satisfying when we complete a project, and you can really see all of the hard work and collaboration by everyone coming together. Then you get to hand it off to the client, and see them satisfied and happy – that’s an awesome feeling.

What’s your favourite part of the process?

Website launches are the best, for sure. We’ve done all this work on it, seen it grow and evolve, and then you set it live to the public! It’s kind of fun seeing it out there, out of development and in the real world. And of course, when the client is really excited about it, that makes it even more fun.

How has your education or experience prepared you for your career?

My education gave me a good introduction into the world of digital technology, and gave me the chance to explore all types of digital media. I think it reset my perspective of web development and online trends to allow me to hopefully be more objective of the industry we work in. I even got the opportunity to work here through university and my involvement in the campus digital media club!