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Image Optometry

Image Optometry is a large eye care chain in B.C. The company approached Array for an in-house retail app to help improve the sales process in their brick and mortar stores across the province.

What Work Did We Do For Them?

  • Custom app design
  • App programming

How Did We Help Them Out?

  • The Image Optometry custom app allows sales staff to input a customer’s prescription in real time while walking shoppers through the easy-to-enter lens/frame requirements, promotions, prescription, and coating options, with additional printable summary functionalities.
  • Printable summaries allow customers to take home their saved information if they aren’t ready to make a purchase and is used to input in a point-of-sale (POS) system by the sales staff.
  • This app design also included the addition of comparing two sets of lenses, with promo pricing applied throughout the sales process.

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